Dental Implants in Koreatown

When do you need a dental implant?

Dental implants are recommended when you have missing teeth but do not want to (or cannot) have dentures or dental bridges. Implants can help maintain the structure of your jaw, prevent teeth from shifting, and prevent future pain and bite issues.

Our doctors are experts at diagnosing when an implant is needed or if there are other alternatives available for treatment without resorting to an implant. If an implant is recommended, rest assured that our dental professionals can provide treatment painlessly.

Award winning dental care

Our doctor, Dr. Sylvia Sang Lee, is an award winning dentist in Los Angeles. She provides excellent care for you and your family while making sure that they have an experience that they will love.

A leading expert, Dr. Lee attends professional meetings and continuing education courses to stay on the cutting edge of dentistry. We know that you and your child will receive excellent treatment from Dr. Lee and her staff during your stay at our office.

Sophisticated dental technology
meets excellence in patient care

Sophisticated dental technology

meets excellence in patient care

We have invested heavily into state-of-the-art robotics, technology, and the latest trainings specific to pediatric dentistry. Therefore we are able to provide you a level of treatment that other dentists simply cannot provide.

At 5S Dental Care, we have an amazing team of highly trained dental professionals who have your health and well-being at heart. Our doctors and staff are here to provide you excellent care with the utmost comfort in our practice.

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Friendly Staff

Advanced Technology

Relaxing Atmosphere

Get a dental crown consultation with us

– Get a holistic examination of your teeth and health with our specialized equipment.
– Get an expert diagnosis and fully understand what your options are.
– Get an expert recommendation for what to do next.

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Our doctors are skilled at providing dental implants painlessly and even enjoyably. Schedule a consultation with us today and we will help you set the best foundations for your oral health.