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Sylvia Sang Lee, D.M.D.

Dr. Sylvia Sang Lee attended the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine as a Penn Dental Scholar. She graduated in 2009 and was awarded the Endodontic Excellence Award as well as with Outstanding Clinical Performance.

Since then, Dr. Sylvia Sang Lee has been dedicating herself to providing her patients with the best dental care possible.

Her goal is to educate and enlighten her patients to help them understand what the right treatment is for their situation.

The Ideal Treatment Plan

Designed for You

Dentistry can seem complicated and scary. For some, it is the last place they would ever want to visit.

Unfortunately, unfair dental practices and unkind treatment have added to negative thoughts and feelings toward dentistry.

We want to change that.

At 5 Star Dental Care, your positive experience is just as important as the high standards we set for the quality of our services.

For this reason, we are committed to treating each patient as a human individual, taking the time to understand what is important for you, and putting in the extra effort required to design treatment plans that we would genuinely recommend to our family and loved ones.

Our philosophy is one of preventive care. We will never push a service that we don’t believe you need. Instead, we will always opt to save your natural teeth or take the less invasive route whenever possible.

Furthermore, we dedicate ourselves to explaining the treatment transparently and helping you decide on the best option for your unique circumstances.

Full-Scope Dental Services

Our services are intended to help you recover back to pain-free and optimal health, as well as to proactively prevent the decline of oral health. Providing you long-lasting results is something we value highly.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

We provide comfortable, long-lasting permanent or temporary crowns that can save your tooth for many years. With missing teeth, our custom bridges can bring back complete function with a comfortable and natural aesthetic.


Affordable and beautiful, our dentures help regain function and provide support and easy maintenance for years.

Root Canal Therapy

If you are experiencing intense pain, we can immediately provide pain relief with a root canal and save your tooth.

Oral Disease Treatment

We accurately diagnose and provide treatments that give immediate pain relief and prevention in the future.

Dental Implants

Our implants are made to last and match perfectly with your natural teeth. Gentle treatment is a priority.

Unparalleled Care for Seniors

We believe that those who have dedicated their lives for us deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and care.
Therefore our staff have prepared extensively to provide the special treatment that senior patients may need.

Seniors are more likely to be taking multiple medications. This makes them more vulnerable to harmful drug reactions that can come from improperly prescribing medication. Seniors also have different oral conditions caused by age. This makes proper diagnosis and treatment plans much more important.

We take special precautions and extensive medical screenings to protect the health of our senior patients. We test for different conditions and medications to ensure successful treatment.

Seniors are more likely to have sensory, physical, and cognitive conditions. This can cause communication issues which can lead to complications during treatment. Blocks in communication can also leave senior patients feeling helpless and confused.

Our staff members are highly-trained dental professionals who provide a calm environment and encourage flowing communication. We are committed to helping our patients clearly understand their options, and serving as an advisor as they choose the treatment plan that works best for their situation.

Many different factors can make it difficult for seniors to complete treatments in one visit. Continuing treatment despite these factors can cause lasting emotional trauma.

We continually train to identify these situations and lead with compassion. Sometimes it may be better for the patient overall to have a delay in treatment. Unfortunately, this isn't always possible if delaying treatment will be more harmful. In that case, we will fully communicate this to you.

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